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First of all, congratulations on your engagement 🙂 As a reasonably newly-wed (3 years), I can tell you it’s the best! Looking at our wedding photos still reminds me of how amazingly happy we were (and still are!) on our wedding day, and makes me smile with joy. I love the positive energy that flows on wedding days, and love being a part of someone’s beautiful experience. I love what I do as a wedding photographer, and I hope that shines through on the images that I create. I won’t bore you with details, but please see below for FAQ I get asked a lot. And of course, check out the wedding gallery!

Birmingham Wedding photographer Keigo Kato

Birmingham Wedding photographer Keigo Kato

What style do you photograph weddings in?

I come from portrait photography background, so naturally, posing, directing and lighting people is my forte. I believe in not just capturing the moments, but also in creating them. Wedding photography to me is a collaboration between the photographer and the couple; more willing the couple to create beautiful images, the better the outcome.

On saying that, wedding day is not a photo shoot, and I understand you want to spend as much time with your family, friends and guests. So unless you are happy to spend a large amount of time doing the posed portraiture, much of the day will be spent me being a fly on the wall, photojournalist, documenting the day’s event. The day will be a varied mixture of 2 styles.


How long is an All day booking?

It’s ALL DAY. Simple. There’s no time limit on all day bookings. I’ll be there at the start of the day, with the bride getting ready, stay with you until you decide you’ve had enough of me (note – you may need to drag me off the dance floor!


We don’t want stiff, boring posed group shots. Can you make the them look natural?

Of course! Wedding photography don’t all have to be like that. Long drawn out family portraits can be annoying and tiring for you, your family and guests. I try to work quick, so I can keep the energy level up for you and the guests, so we get natural, lively looking photographs. But it’s worth noting that your parents/grandparents may want a traditional photo on your wedding day.


How far in advance do we need to book you?

As much as possible! Popular summer months do get booked up in advance, so we recommend 6 months or more, but if the date’s free, even a short notice booking is possible. The short answer? Just ask!


Why do we need engagement photo shoot?

It’s entirely optional, but it does 2 main things. It builds the relationship between the couple and I. This is important as, on the wedding day, I don’t want to have to try to gain your trust, and by having a pre-wedding photo shoot, you get an idea of how I work, pose and direct you, and you know what to expect on the day. Second thing it does it to provide you with romantic images, which you can use create a guestbook or a large print for the guests to sign on your wedding day, or even simply play them on the big screen at the reception. You may simply want it as a romantic photo shoot for the experience and the memory. I think it’s great, and highly recommend it.

Ok, where does it take place?

It can be anywhere. It can be local to you, come to my studio, or even take a trip somewhere abroad (though I will need travel and accommodation plus expense to be covered for this service)

So how much does it cost for you to photograph our wedding day?

I believe every couple is unique, and every wedding different. This is why I don’t offer a standard package. Instead, I like to talk to the clients individually, discuss your expectations and requirements, then quote according to the level of service.


We’ve found someone who will cover all day for £150, including album and all images on disc! Can you price match?

This is a delicate subject for me as a wedding photographer, trying to balance my passion for my craft, livelihood and value for money for my clients. Let me explain. Yes, you will find cheaper photographers if that’s your priority. However, you spend £1000s on your dress, venue, flowers, catering, car, etc, on which you make no compromise. You do that to help you make your wedding day that little bit more special. We spend our lives mastering the craft, pay for maintenance of latest equipment that costs £1000s, spend day and night thinking photography, and how to take better images. The question is, do you really want to save pennies on the main thing to help you remember your wedding day? By hiring an inexperienced photographer, practising on your wedding day, you are risking missing crucial moments while fiddling with their camera settings.  I’m sure you aren’t one of those people, as you’ve made it this far on our website! Short answer? No, sorry!

Do we need to pay a deposit?

Yes. I need a minimum deposit of £400 to secure the date, and the balance to be paid at least 1 month before the wedding day.


Do you provide all the images you take on the day on a disc?

Yes, I can. For £350 on top of the booking, I will provide all images (minus the obviously flawed images) on a disc with basic image editing applied. However, they won’t necessarily have the same “Keigo Kato” look to them, which are applied to photos that make the album, my portfolio or the prints that you order from us.  If you want the image edited in the same way, that can be done for extra £5 per image.


Who owns the copyright?

In accordance with UK Copyright law, the photographer retains the copyright, always. However, if you purchase the images from me, I will include the unlimited print license, so that you are free to print them as much as you like. However, you cannot resell the images, “photoshop” them, or publish the work as your own.


How long will it be before we receive the photos from you?

It normally takes me 2-3 weeks after the wedding date before the images are ready for your first viewing, at which point, we will discuss what album design, wall decors and extra prints you may want. After that, it normally takes another 1-2 months for album delivery.

Birmingham Wedding photographer Keigo Kato

Birmingham Wedding photographer Keigo Kato

Well, I hope you get a clearer picture of what we can offer you. if you have any questions, please get in touch. And don’t forget to check out the wedding photography gallery Look forward to hearing from you with your enquiries.


Best Regards

Keigo Kato
Studio 197

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